What is Hypnotherapy and How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy is the combination of any therapeutic tool (for example CBT) combined with the altered state of Hypnosis.

One of the reasons that it can be so effective is that when a person enters into the state of hypnosis they are more easily able to access their “inner resources”, or their “inner strengths” which are housed in the sub-conscious part of the mind.

What Is Hypnotherapy Suitable For?

Hypnotherapy is particularly well suited to helping people deal with problems that contain lots of emotions or have a high “affective” impact on their day-to-day lives.

The reason for this is that Hypnosis can help a person become aware of the direct connection between thoughts and memories, especially those emotions that seem to “come out of nowhere”.

Contrary to popular myth, when a person experiences Hypnosis in a relaxing and therapeutic environment, they are in no way “sleeping” or in some sort of “trance” where they let go of control.

In fact, a person experiencing Hypnosis is MORE aware!

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness rather than a state of reduced awareness!

So, if past events in a person’s life seem to be contributing to the problems that they are experiencing today, perhaps some emotional trauma for example, then Hypnotherapy can provide a real solution.

What Is Hypnotherapy NOT Suitable For?

There are certain conditions, and certain personality types, that are not best resolved using Hypnotherapy.

In general terms, these conditions include any problem that is “medical” or “physiological”, in other words, is due to an actual biological problem.

People who have a strong desire to be in control of situations may struggle to relax sufficiently for hypnosis to be effective.

Hypnotherapy is NOT a substitute for medical care, but it can be a highly effective support mechanism alongside that care.

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Your BMI gives an indication of your health risks.

A BMI between 18 and 25 is regarded as "Normal", between 25 and 30 is classed as "Overweight" and a BMI between 30 and 40 is in the "Obese" range.

If you have a BMI over 40 you are classed as "Morbidly Obese."

Not only can obesity affect life expectancy it can be responsible for conditions such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, joint problems such as osteoarthritis and high blood pressure.


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