Practitioner Website Designs

Hypnoband International Ltd. also offer officially licensed Hypno-Band practitioner websites built using the latest WordPress content management system and the DIVI theme. We are a lifetime development partner of Elegant Themes, creators of the DIVI system.

Practitioner websites mirror the general look and layout of the main Hypno-Band site here, but are personalised to your details and start from just £299.

We are also able to offer specialised Hypnotherapy website designs through our sister company Therapy Webs.

licensed practitioner websites

Practitioner websites all come with the same ‘official’ layout and include the following pages:

  1. Home
  2. About “me” page – a short BIO all about you
  3. Weight Loss Sessions – what happens during the process
  4. Fees – your charges (and a PayPal payment button if you have an account)
  5. FAQ’s – Common questions about Hypno-Band
  6. Location page – Details of your clinic with Google mapping
  7. Contact page – including a web contact form
  8. Testimonials page – for videos and written testimonials
  9. A Blog for your own articles
  10. Links to other weight loss sites

Find out more by viewing our web design business at Therapy Webs.

Check Your BMI

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Supplied by BMI Calculator UK

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